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How to create an ultra-successful event at your care home

* By Adam James, founder of Springup PR Do you want at least 100 guests at a special event at your care home? Whether it’s an official opening, open day or special dementia study day there’s a set way of going about it you must follow to make the event an all-out sell-out success. Here’s how: * People, especially busy professionals, VIPS, MPs, councillors, local authority commissioners etc, stakeholders, need an enticement to attend any event, and to get them out of their office. An “official opening” at your home may not be enough. So, think of booking a celebrity to draw people in. Celebs can cost anything from £250 to £15,000 …


Want to test out a PR agency?

By Adam James, founder of Springup PR Are you worried whether or not a PR agency is up to the job and can secure desired results? Do you like the idea of “testing out” a PR agency before committing to a longer-term relationship? I  totally understand this, and I’ve been approached by companies who’ve been stung by rotten PR agency experiences. So when a UK luxury care home provider, who’d never used a PR agency before, came to us with these doubts, we were determined to re-assure them. And what better way to do this than offering the group, which operates two homes, our globally-exclusive one-off “guaranteed results” package. The provider wanted us to …