Get Two It PR

peopleWhat might you gain from PR consultants as experienced as us working on your PR for just two days per month?

* The first month it might be a massive boost to your company’s reputation and profile through positive coverage in national media, reaching huge audiences. With the added value of great SEO outcomes, and premium marketing material for your prospects database.

* The next month it may be an opinion piece by your CEO in the specialist industry magazine read by prospect customers? Again, the added spin off is valuable marketing material.

* The month after that it may be a terrific engaging video testimonial from one of your customers that’s posted on Linkedin, Youtube, your own website, and other social media platforms? Video testimonials are SO much more effective than written testimonials.

* The next month we may recommend, design and implement a creative and enticing social media campaign to reach and engage with target audiences? New leads will come in.

* Within four months our PR interventions will have achieved some great results. Definitely don’t take our word for it, read what our clients say!

* Interested to learn more? Then either email, or call us on 0203 6370091.