I bet there’s a killer media story in your ‘content marketing’!

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Take my challenge! Read the whole of this post.

Take my challenge! Read the whole of this post.

To hazard a guess, I’d say that ‘content marketing’ is probably the biggest source of traffic to your website?

At Springup, we secure approximately 4 times the amount of traffic to our site from content marketing (i.e. producing relevant and engaging online information) than we do via our extensive “on-at-all-times” Google Pay-Per-Click ads.

But the added PREMIUM value of devoting precious time to producing slick and quality website ‘content’ (written or video) is that, with thought, you can re-invent this content into, for instance, a thought-leadership pitch to target media, or a means to grab the attention of key target journalists.

For example, I could pitch a re-jigged, razor-concise journalist-friendly version of the advice in this email to, let’s say, the Huffington Post or a specialist industry magazine read by prospect customers.

Or let’s say a travel-booking website’s content marketing included a list of “The UK’s Best Cities To Visit With Children” … this data could also be the basis of a special tailor-made media pitch to particular travel journalists.

Or let’s say a whisky brand’s content marketing was based around unique specialist insights about food, drink and whisky craftsmanship. …such expertise could in turn be the foundations to foster productive relationships with particular journalists, and pitching ideas to them.

So, when investing energy and time in blogs and other ‘content marketing’ be conscious of the PR ADDED VALUE – that it can be a rich route to secure additional positive media exposure for your firm.

All best, Adam

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