Senior living public relations can’t get better than this

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Springup PR keeps a look out for notable PR outputs from senior and assisted living providers. Here’s media coverage on the launch of Allegro’s Jupiter facility, in south Florida, that caught our eye.

Positive PR - including online - for one senior living residence

Positive PR – including online – for one senior living residence

Background: Allegro’s Jupiter was a new senior living provider in West Boynton, Florida. As part of it’s launch it would have been keen to convey this news – and “get the word out there” – to families in the West Boynton area.

PR output: A positive news story, including photographs, on the launch was published in the Sun Sentinel, and also online

Messaging: The Sun Sentinel article focused on:

* The excellent quality of care at Jupiter  e.g. “It’s a carefree lifestyle. Once people move in, many remark that they wish they had moved in sooner,” was one quote from the article.

And:  “Two years ago I was on a hunt for a senior living facility,” one resident was quoted as saying. “I visited every place between Boca and West Palm Beach. After I saw Allegro’s Jupiter facility, I decided to wait until this one opened up.”

* That Jupiter was a family-run service, with the implication that the care would be more personalised.

* SEO – not only did the Sun Sentinel article provide telephone contact details for Allegro Jupiter , it also included a hyperlink. This is valuable SEO for any new facility.

Messaging reach: The Sun-Sentinel has a circulation of 163,728 – an extremely sizeable audience to reach, and will make sure Allegro Jupiter is front-of-mind – and ahead of its competitors – for families looking to provide senior living services for their loved ones.

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