Are you a B2B technology company wanting to use positive and ongoing press coverage to “get noticed” by your prospects customers in order get more clients?

If you do, this video reveals the four “must-dos” to secure you ongoing media exposure coverage to impress read-to-buy prospects.

Plus – at the end of the video is 1 gem of how your sales team can use press coverage to grab the attention of prospects.

#1 Must-Do: Release new stories only when appropriate.

At any point your B2B technology company will likely have only a finite number of new stories that will actually be successful in generating press coverage in your target media (Your target media may include national media, vertical industry specific media and tech media)

So be selective in which news stories you pitch in order to get a 100% success rate in securing positive press coverage in the target media for news releases you produce.

#2 Must-Do: Focus on “expert opinion” or “thought leadership”.

Thought-leadership is a proven way to guarantee your key execs are conveyed as experts in your B2B tech speciality by being contributors and columnists to specific media read by your target audiences.

Thought-leadership pieces can be anywhere between 500 to 2,000 words, and are a key lever to make sure your company is visibly seen in the media as an absolute leader in your B2B technology space.

#3 Must-Do: It’s all about your pitch – not contacts

The gold dust journalists or editors are searching for is either a good ‘story’, a terrific expert-opinion piece, or an expert to include in a feature.

So, for example, your news story must be hard hitting and a genuine news story! (Tip: Put your eye-catching headline in the email subject line. So the journalist you are pitching is made crystal clear as to the ‘story’).

And always pitch the idea for an expert opinion piece – and secure the commission to write the article. This is the most time-effective process. Do not write unsolicited thought-leadership pieces, if you can avoid it.

#4th Must-Do: Follow up!  Whether it’s a new story or expert opinion pitch follow up!

I’ve had to follow up pitches 10-15 times to get a result!

The reality is that journalists and editors – for a variety of reasons – will not get back to you.

So be consistent in the follow up process.

You can follow up by email, phone or Twitter, and even send journalist cards and personalised videos.

What’s The 1 Gem on how your sales team can use press coverage to attract the interest of prospects? You’ll have to watch till the end of the video to find out!

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