How pay-per click marketing can secure more enquiries and accelerate revenue growth for your care homes

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In this episode of the podcast, featuring Tobi Alli Usman of Smooth Digital, you will discover:

  • What is “intent marketing”, particularly Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing using Google and other search engines for care homes and care operators.
  • Why, in all likelihood, you are under-utilisiting PPC marketing. For reasons, such as: “it’s a bit too techie, I just don’t really understand it”, or an erroneous believe that a care operators’ target market does not use the internet, or they feel they’ve used Google AdWords previously or posted an ad but they they feel they’ve not seen a result.
  • What’s working RIGHT NOW in the PPC world. For example, imagine a a son or daughter that lives in London, but their parent who needs a care home lives in Birmingham. How can you target that London person whose looking for a care home in Birmingham?
  • What keywords to use – words which suggest someone might be looking for a care home – for example, care or nursing homes in a particular area.
  • The basics of Google “text ads” to drive traffic to your care home website
  • How Tobi uses a “recording suite” to find out EXACTLY where once someone goes to your care home website after clicking on an ad, this enables you to monitor what happens afterwards many of those visits turn into a phone call, an e-mail, a form submission, or a live chat lead.
  • How the recording suite enables you to listen to any telephone calls made, for training purposes.
  • How you can investigate which keywords are responsible for generating the leads, and which do not. This will help you understand what 20% of the keywords are responsible for 80% of leads
  • How and why different keywords work for different homes in different areas
  • Why different regions have different costs per click
  • How you can calculate the average cost per click, BEFORE setting up a PPC campaign . e.g. if an average cost per click was £2, if you want to get a minimum of 10 clicks to your care home site this will equal £20 a day.
  • How one care provider, using Google and Bing ads, a 24-hour live chat and re-marketing strategy secured a 350% revenue growth week-on-week.
  • Why your care operator MUST consider using Bing, as much as Google. For example, most people using Bing are ageed between 40 and 50 which, for care home leads, is a prime audience to target and, at the moment, Bing is about a third of the price of Google.
  • The reasons why care homes must use Live Chat more than other business sectors.
  • How care providers can use real human live-chat 24-/7 representatives – real human beings, not bots!
  • Why, for PPC, your landing page is VITAL in pushing up conversion rates i.e. increasing occupancy faster. E.g. the core USP for the care home, and relevant information about the home, and “trust-builders” such as testimonials from families, awards, staff training
  • Why your care home website must have “lead triggers” e.g. brochure requests and the 24-hour live chat</li>

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