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Psst….PR’s closely-guarded secret – how surveys can secure media headlines for your business

If you want immediate explosive positive media exposure for your business then creating headline-making stories from surveys of the public are a tried-and-tested method to achieve this. Done properly, it’s a dead-cert PR result. That’s what any business wants to hear. Infact, whatever your business, whatever your brand – doing survey-based research to generate newsworthy statistics and figures will secure you a spread of national media exposure, often including backlinks, the gold-dust of SEO. Everyday you read at least one national story about research “findings”. There’s every likelihood these findings resulted from a survey of the public on behalf of a company or brand. It’s something you can do for …


Want to test out a PR agency?

By Adam James, founder of Springup PR Are you worried whether or not a PR agency is up to the job and can secure desired results? Do you like the idea of “testing out” a PR agency before committing to a longer-term relationship? I  totally understand this, and I’ve been approached by companies who’ve been stung by rotten PR agency experiences. So when a UK luxury care home provider, who’d never used a PR agency before, came to us with these doubts, we were determined to re-assure them. And what better way to do this than offering the group, which operates two homes, our globally-exclusive one-off “guaranteed results” package. The provider wanted us to …

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Media exposure (and sales leads) for technology company

Technology company Invatech Health, approached us for PR support for the launch of research demonstrating the benefits of their medicine management technology for care homes. Invatech’s Proactive Care System (PCS) can save care home staff time, improve patient safety and make substantial savings on drugs costs for care home residents by cutting wastage. As part of their marketing and brand strategy, Invatech wanted us to secure exposure for PCS in the care sector media, read by their target audience and customers. When working with industry media, such as the care sector, it’s vital to ensure you don’t pitch ‘stories’ that may be regarded as product marketing.  They’ll just get binned. So we ‘nosed’ the story on the …

Springup PR specialises in public relations for the care  sector

PR and media exposure for a care provider in 6 months

Want to know what PR and media exposure results a specialist care provider can expect to secure in 6 months? What better way to demonstrate this than summarise what we achieved for our client, PJ Care, over a six-month period.  1) Six-month media exposure summary (i)  Total audience reached via mainstream media = approx 1.32 million Audience reached includes * care sector * nursing * public/families + stakeholders in target regions * healthcare and neurocare professionals * charity partners * commissioners (ii) PJ Care’s reputational messages conveyed to audiences 100% positive –  0% negative (iii)  Reputational messages conveyed include: * PJ Care’s quality of neurological care * Award-winning neurological care * PJ Care …


Want to know how NOT to respond to a PR crisis? Ask the Japanese Olympic Committee

When a story inflicting immense damage on a business or organization hits media headlines, I’m interested in as much as how the company manages the crisis, as much as the crisis itself. Volkswagen (cheating emissions test) and Chipotle (Norovirus) are two big brand names to have taken a recent reputational battering, from which they are recovering. And today the Guardian reported that a suspicious-looking £1.3m payment (bribe?) from the successful Tokyo Olympic bid team to an account linked to the son of the former world athletics chief was apparently made during the run up to host the 2020 Games. Now, a quick word of crisis management advice. If ever your company …

Care Home Open Day

Care Home Open Day Is (Almost) Here

Care Home Open Day is back….almost! June 16, 2017, is the day to open your doors to your local community, and show off the top-notch care your homes provide for residents. Care Home Open Day is – as the organisers phrase it – an opportunity to “make positive noise” about your homes. This year the (suggested) theme is “Friendship”. You don’t need me to tell you that your homes live and breathe off their reputation, and the ‘good word’ that families of residents spread to others about your homes. But do you want to deepen, enhance and spread that reputation even further? Do you want to make sure YOUR care …

Huff Post

A Real Example Of How To Become A Huffington Post Blogger

Are you an ambitious company pursuing growth and new customers? If so, it’s a big help if your, CEO, founder, chair or senior executive has an impactful online presence. Think of the lead player in your industry. I bet s/he is a name you see in the media. One sure-fire method in the journey to raise your profile in online media, and to impress prospect customers (who ‘google’ you or your company) is to be able to market yourself as a Huffington Post blogger. So here’s my guide on just how to do it – weaving in the real-life example of how we helped the CEO of a London architecture …

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Want a 3-month lift-off PR campaign?

When London architect Simone de Gale, approached us with a need to dramatically raise her profile both as an architect and an entrepreneur, we were delighted to assist. Simone wanted her company – Simone de Gale Architects – to be more visible to potential customers and her architect contemporaries –  so we put together a 3-month ‘lift off PR’ strategy to secure coverage in key architecture media and national publications. What nailed our campaign for Simone was when we discovered she herself was one of the first alumni of the distinguished Stephen Lawrence Trust to establish her own practice. This, we knew, was the ‘strong angle’ to attract target media, including the UK’s leading architecture industry publications. Simone de Gale 3-month …

Springup PR specialises in public relations for the care  sector

Want your care home in the media? Take up my PR challenge!

Dear Care Home Operator,  Does you website ripple with sparkling copy and ‘news’ to compel any prospect son or daughter seeking a care home for their loved one to book a visit?  I hope so. Marketers call such engaging and prospect-magnet web copy (or video) ‘content marketing’, and if done well it will superpower traffic to your website. But what about the added premium PR value of turning your insightful blogs or care home news into positive stories for the media, particularly regional media, read by your target audience. I’ll hazard a guess that over the last 12 months there’ll be a host of examples of content being added to …

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The cash value of your company’s reputation is 30% – here’s why

You may of heard of Chipotle, the US Mexican restaurant chain? In October, 2015, 141 students got sick with Norovirus after eating at one of its restaurants. The news swept through America, and social media fun-lovers had a field day The result – a 30% drop in Chipotle’s share price, in one day. You read that right – a 30% drop. A massive hit. The share price continues to drop, and sales have plummeted. The brand has taken a massive blow to its reputation. But 30% is the real CASH value of a company’s reputation. (I’ll provide more details on this another time) Now, you’ll no doubt sail through 2016 …

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The #1 Care Home PR Agency….Probably!

Springup PR is the most praised care home PR agency on the UK’s leading care website. Springup PR, which specialises in care PR and securing media exposure for care providers, ranks first in the “most reviewed” PR agency category of, the UK’s top care website with around 1.5m visitors per month. Springup PR’s reviews on are those written – and verified – by clients. Amanda Butler, Marketing Manager of PJ Care, wrote: “Springup PR can achieve amazing results. They are extremely professional and take the time to really understand your business. They make a welcome addition to any marketing team. I thoroughly recommend them.” Wendy Thompson, General Manager Marketing, Communications & Engagement at PJ …

Don't feature in a PR horror story!

PR horror story!

Want a PR horror story? Here’s one….. A leading laser eye surgery firm paid a PR agency many tens of thousands of pounds over 12 months with a brief to secure them national media exposure. What were the results after 12 months? Zilch. Nought. Zero coverage. Aaaaaaah! Just imagine how disappointed/furious this company was. The truth is that national media exposure for laser eye surgery firms is gold dust – it can be a sales magnet leading to direct sales at £4k + per sale, as well as the media exposure providing substantial third-party endorsement. In the UK, the Daily Mail covers laser eye surgery ‘stories’ most frequently, approximately six …

Why Jay Carney was RIGHT to criticise the New York Times

Jay Carney, Amazon’s communications head, yesterday took to online platform Medium to criticise a “hatchet job” by the New York Times on the working conditions and management practises at Amazon. Was he right to do so? On balance, yes, even though the reputational strike on Amazon has already stuck deep.  Latest Drivetime PR video