Want to fill beds at your care/nursing home or specialist service? Want to raise your profile?

Adam James, founder of Springup PR

Adam James, founder of Springup PR

Do you want to generate more enquiries to your care/nursing home or specialist healthcare service?

Do you want more target audiences, particularly prospective families and commissioners, to hear about the wonderful care your home or specialist care or healthcare service provides?

If so, what about a PR And Digital Marketing Diagnostics + Success Plan for your care/nursing home(s) or specialist care/healthcare service?

What we can do for you is:

PR And Digital Marketing Diagnostic: 

* Help diagnose with you about what you are not doing to ensure you are at your desired occupancy level, and how PR, media exposure and digital marketing initiatives and campaigns can help fill beds at your homes/specialist care service

*  Help clarify with you what PR, media exposure and digital marketing initiatives/campaigns are most valuable to your homes/specialist care service and why.

*  Help clarify with you what particular target audiences your homes/specialist care service want to reach, and what key messages you’d like to convey.

* How specific PR, media exposure and digital marketing initiatives can complement your marketing strategies and help your homes/specialist care service generate more enquiries and fill beds.

*  Spend time with you going through all of the above. We will want to know answers to questions such as: How many enquiries and visits do you presently receive to your homes/specialist care service per month? What is the source of the enquiries? Do you record the name, telephone number and email address of every person who enquires? What newsletters do you distribute, and how often? How many networking or educational events do you organise per year? What media exposure initiatives or dedicated social media campaigns do you presently conduct?

* Do our own desktop research to determine your digital footprint and online reputation, if required. This may include SEO, online reputation, Facebook ‘accelerated engagement’, carehome.co.uk status and Google Adwords analysis.

* Assess how your service handles crisis control – particularly in relationship to the media

* We will also compare you with some of your competitors, if you wish.

What you get – PR And Digital Marketing Success Plan

* Produce a PR And Digital Marketing Success Plan for your care homes/specialist care service – to cover an agreed time-frame, and to your specified budget. The objective will be to generate more enquiries, and fill beds.

We will review this PR And Digital Marketing Success Plan with you.

This PR And Digital Marketing Success Plan is yours – and you are under no obligation to use us as your PR agency after we have delivered this for you.

The aim of our PR And Digital Marketing Success Plan is to help you by providing clarity and precision. It also gives you additional time to get to know us.

If you’d like to have a PR And Digital Marketing Success Plan then please get in touch.

I look forward to talking with you,
Adam James
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