Do you want your care provider or care homes to get more enquiries from self-funding families via Google PPC (also known as Google Ads)?

Here we share the 12 vital metrics you MUST have a handle on when running Google Ads for your care provider to help get more enquiries from families.

One care provider we know spent £80,000 on Google Ads, and the only metric they ever knew was their “cost per click”.

But for everyone £1000 you spend on Google Ads here’s the metrics should know:

* Cost per click through – i.e. how many families are clicking through to your website after clicking on your Google Ads

* Cost per “conversion”, e.g. the cost of a phone call, live chat, email or brochure download.

* Cost per admission-related live chat enquiry. You should have live chat functionality on your care home website, and Google PPC works in great harmony with Live Chat.

* Cost per admissions-related telephone enquiry. You should be recording all your admissions-related telephone calls, and therefore you should be able to track what enquiry-related phone calls you get a as a result of your Google PPC campaigns.

* Cost per brochure download.

* Cost per ads “campaigns”. You should be running different Google PPC ad campaigns. e.g. those campaigns with a focus on “Care home” as key phrases, and another for “nursing home”. Plus you may have specialist ad campaigns, for example, on dementia-related search terms.

* Best performing ads and their “strength”. Google’s machine learning helps you here, in rating your your ads from “average” to “excellent”

* Best-performing key word “terms” and “searches”. This is the various different phrases and words families use when searching for care homes in your catchment area.

* If people are searching on mobile, desktops or tablets. If, for example, families search mostly via their mobile phones you need to ensure your website is optimized for mobile.

* Your ads’ optimisation percentage. Aim for > 85% on your optimisation percentage for all your ads.

* Cost per enquiry. This is perhaps the most important metric to know. How much it is costing you to get one enquiry via your Google Pay Per Click Ads.

Lastly, care providers and care homes are no different from all other businesses.

You’ll get a certain number of leads, and some of those leads are better than others.

But, usually, the more leads and enquiries you generate, the more higher-quality leads and enquiries you’ll gain.