Is your business winning awards?

You’ll know how much your business depends on its reputation.

A great reputation brings in ongoing referrals, leads, enquiries and sales.

One “undisputed heavy-weight champion of the world” when it comes to reputation-building is being an award-winner.

What better way to showcase your business than to list how many awards it has won.  It’s a massive third-party endorsement, and ongoing PR result.

So, my first question is – how many awards have you won over the last two years?

But my second question is the most important – how many awards have you entered?

If your business has already scooped awards, and you’ve made sure your customers and prospects are aware of this, then you won’t need me to say how powerful this has been.

But if you’ve not entered any awards, then you are seriously missing a proven PR and business trick.

Whatever sector you’re in, there are awards – you probably know which ones they are. You may have even grimaced after learning that competitors (whose business is no better than yours) won them.

Once you get into the swing, entering awards is neither complicated nor time-consuming.

What it requires is:

1)  Sitting down and noting which awards your business – or staff – should be entering for over a 12-month period.

2) Putting in your diary when you have to draw up and submit your application.

3) When the date comes – get stuck in and put in your application.

Then, hopefully, you’ll wait for the awards to flow in! Or even if you’re shortlisted, that in itself is valuable kudos.

On this we practice what we preach. This year we entered four awards, won one and were shortlisted for three others.

On the way international judges praised our PR for a client as “world class”. What a PR and marketing result for us!

There is absolutely no reason why you can not achieve the same – and reap the reputational rewards.

So, spend a few minutes over the next day or two to decide which awards to enter – and put it in the diary to do it.  It will be worth it.

Adam James, Springup PR