One nursing home in Leicester we help needs to fill 21 beds to reach its capacity of 52.

Here’s the numbers.

21 beds to fill equals  £16,800 per week or a whopping £873,000 per year in potential revenue gain.

It’s a no brainer – the problem must be fixed.

And it is.

Occupancy is up – 5 extra beds filled in one month, and 2 enquiries per day

Here’s what the home’s managed just told me:

“The brokerage team at the hospital are now telling us how they’ve heard about the great things we’re doing at the home.

“The relationship previously with the hospital was not good. But it’s now completely changed.”

It’s looking cheery. The tide has changed.

But it’s vital the home continues, particularly as competition with other homes in the area is intense.

To be frank – it’s stay focused, or bust.

So what’s changed at the home?

Yes, quality of care is up.

But if you want to fill beds faster you have to be proactive. Step up to the challenge.

So the home has:

* Secured 2 pieces of recent positive media exposure + 1 more on the way (remember, local healthcare and social care professionals read – and most likely – trust their local papers)

* Started to proactively “get the word out there” via an engaging and personalised (no marketing guff) “what’s on” e-newsletter which lands directly into the inboxes of targeted healthcare professionals and other priority individuals.

* Had the ops manager “stamping his feet” to do his utmost to make sure more people are aware of the nursing home. That means visiting each of the individual hospital wards where referrals come from, and talking to discharge team members.

* Created a website looking like one of the best I know. Remember, it’s got to be inviting enough to prompt prospective families to pick up the phone and make an enquiry.

* Paid particular care and attention to its listing to make it irresistible. And all staff are encouraged to go to the home’s Facebook page, engage, and “get the word out there”.

* A clear focus from the home’s management to get the job done. This includes a regular “Fill Beds Faster” conference call to make sure the job does indeed get done.

As I said, the momentum is where it should be – and that potential £873,000 per year potential revenue gain will be incentive enough to keep the momentum up.

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