“Adam, can you guarantee me your PR and marketing methods will fill our care home beds faster?”

Care providers ask me this a lot.

And a reasonable question it is too.

My answer is….

I can guarantee you:

⚡︎A “Diagnostics” to uncover and identify any problem – e.g. why occupancy might be lower than you want.

⚡︎That we will achieve everything set out in a “Fill Beds Faster And PR And Marketing Success Plan” as a solution to this problem.

But what we can’t control is other vital variables on increasing occupancy faster.

e.g. Your quality of care…

Or your conversion rate of enquiries or look-arounds to new residents.

That’s – largely – in your court.

But presuming these other vital variables are not way off, can we guarantee that you will fill beds faster?


But don’t take my word for it is what I say.

Ask our clients.

This video explains…..

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