Care Home Open DayCare Home Open Day is back….almost!

June 16, 2017, is the day to open your doors to your local community, and show off the top-notch care your homes provide for residents.

Care Home Open Day is – as the organisers phrase it – an opportunity to “make positive noise” about your homes.

This year the (suggested) theme is “Friendship”.

You don’t need me to tell you that your homes live and breathe off their reputation, and the ‘good word’ that families of residents spread to others about your homes.

But do you want to deepen, enhance and spread that reputation even further? Do you want to make sure YOUR care homes are the one people know about, and not your competitor’s?

One way to ensure your reputation reaches local audiences, including prospective families, is to inform regional media about what you are up to on Care Home Open Day.

Whether’s it’s a special event or an MP’s visit you must make sure your local media know about it, and encourage them to cover it. Even better if they send a photographer, and you can look forward to a photo spread.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone from your care homes to pick up the phone and chat to one of the journalists. Regional media journalists are – by and large – a friendly and approachable bunch.

However, what (very busy) regional media journalists like even more is to have your Care Home Open Day ‘story’ written for them – like ‘a story on a plate’.

So if one of your homes’ staff is gifted with a terrific ‘nose for a story’ and sparkling writing skills, encourage them to compile a news release of what you did on Care Home Open Day.

Yes, I know your staff are busy – with hardly a minute to spare.

But you’ll regret it if you see a competitor’s home featured in regional media, and not yours.

For your interest, here’s some regional media coverage (Thank-you Google News) from 2015 Care Home Open Day.

By the way, don’t forget we offer “guaranteed results” for positive media exposure for your care homes.

Just email me if you’d like to know more!

I hope your Care Home Open Day is a success.

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