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Never before has it been so absolutely vital for your care home’s listing on to be super-charged with ‘good news’ stories. now produces a STAGGERING number of sales leads and valuable traffic to care homes.

Trust me, I’ve recently looked at the stats + data on this for a couple of care providers. It’s astonishing!

So, you’ve got to ensure you’re sourcing and writing up your home’s ‘good news’ stories at a super-fast rate.

If you’ve not produced at least one ‘good news’ story about your care home over the last month you must speed up.

Imagine a prospect customer, let’s call him James, who has an increasingly frail mother whom he thinks needs care home support.

You can bet that one immediate actions that James takes is to google search “care home in xxxxx” [insert the town of your care home].

James will then ‘discover’ one or two homes, and will then perhaps do additional investigations into each of those homes – by checking out their website, or scanning through the home’s listing on

Then James selects a home to visit. Will it be yours? You must make certain it is.

So write up those ‘good news stories’ now. Even better if you can get eye-catching photos to go with it.

Get it right and EVERY single piece of ‘good news’ you produce has a FIVE-FOLD PR and marketing value:

1. Terrific local media exposure [to reach big target audiences in one shot – and make sure all media clippings are pinned up on your home’s notice board for when prospect families arrive] 2. A positive story for your listing [Remember, prospect customers visit in their hordes!] 3. A news story for your website [which prospect customers will likely check out before telephoning you to arrange a visit] 4. A piece of social media engagement – Facebook, in particular [families of residents are your most valuable evangelists] 5. A news story submission for leading care home news website ‘Care Industry News’ [useful for SEO]

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