Dear Care Home Operator, 

Does you website ripple with sparkling copy and ‘news’ to compel any prospect son or daughter seeking a care home for their loved one to book a visit? 

Positive regional media coverage of Brookdale Care reaches vital local audiences

Positive regional media coverage of Brookdale Care reaches vital local audiences

I hope so. Marketers call such engaging and prospect-magnet web copy (or video) ‘content marketing’, and if done well it will superpower traffic to your website.

But what about the added premium PR value of turning your insightful blogs or care home news into positive stories for the media, particularly regional media, read by your target audience.

I’ll hazard a guess that over the last 12 months there’ll be a host of examples of content being added to your website that – given some thought – can be crafted into a cracking news story for regional media, including radio and TV.

Here’s an example.

I’ll pick a random Twickenham care home by typing “Care Home In Twickenham” in Google

Top of the list [and excluding the listings] is Lynde House (run by Barchester).

A quick scan of Lynde House’s website reveals that recently they had an “animal therapy” session.

Now what about the huge PR/media exposure opportunity this represents? Again, a Google News search reveals that, sadly, no regional media has ever published positive stories on Lynde House!

Yet, other homes we’ve worked with have secured wonderful positive exposure for their animal therapy classes.

So, my question to you is do you make the most of all the opportunities to “get the word out there” about the positives of your care home and its staff?

If not, would you like to?

I’d love it if you set me the one-off challenge of spotting what’s already on your care home/s website that will secure you positive media exposure?

I’m a former award-winning journalist who used to make my living spotting a good ‘story’ fast. It’s in my blood! 

So, please set me the challenge, simply by emailing me a link to your website, and I’ll take a look and get right back to you.

It’s all free – it’s just an occasional challenge I like to set myself. It keeps me sharp.

More importantly, it may set you on the path of not missing out on positive media exposure in the future.

All best,
Adam James
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