Do you want a new website for your care home(s)?

Would you like a Care Home Website Discovery and Plan?

How we can help is:

Care Home Website Discovery: 

This will help clarify with you:

* The aim of each care home website? For example, is it to attract more enquiries than you presently have to help increase occupancy faster?

* What pages for each care home website?  The title for each page?  What colors and – if required – new logo?

* What photos/videos?

* Where would testimonials go?

* Decide general layout of home page (video, photos, images) and content.

* What will be required for each page on each website

* Proposed timeline for completion of website(s)

Care Home Website Plan

* Produce a Care Home Website Plan  – to your specified budget.

* Your Care Home Website Plan  – based on the discovery – will detail and show you step-by-step to how we can build your new care home website(s).  We will review this plan with you.

* Your Care Home Website Plan is yours – and you are under no obligation to use us as your website designer after we have delivered this for you.

* The aim of your Care Home Website Plan is to help you by providing clarity, focus and precision. It also gives you additional time to get to know us better.

If you’d like to have a Care Home Website Discovery And Plan please get in touch.

We look forward to talking with you.