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When a journalist I worked on dozens of stories involving companies under intense fire.

What’s for sure is that whatever the crisis your company is facing , it’s a predicament I would have handled as a journalist.

Negative social media comments are one thing. But what you definitely don’t want is for the negative story to escalate and gain momentum in mainstream media.

For this reason, it’s vital that when securing crisis communications advice that you have ‘insiders’ on your side – people who can ‘get into the head’ of journalists, and predict their questioning, and how they will ‘cover’ the story involving your company.

It’s a truth that every time I’ve worked with non-journalists on crisis control counsel, their advice has either been completely off-target or naive. Yes they are experienced and credible professionals, but this naivety is a result of not being in a journalist’s shoes themselves. Naivety is no offence, but it’s not what you want when it comes to protecting the reputation – and commercial value – of your company.

I’ve counseled clients on a wide range of scenarios – from mischievous social media comments, court cases, holding media statements and one-to-one liaison with journalists, closures of services, disgruntled staff ‘going to the media’, customer complaints, to regulatory failings and suspensions of investment funds.

I’m sure you’re investigating a number of agencies to find who’s best to assist you. But if you want counsel from experienced former journalists, you must add us to your list

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What about your online reputation?

And what about protecting your online reputation? Are negatives ‘stories’ on Google haunting you?

Our trusted and vastly-experienced online reputation ‘fixer’ can achieve this for you without using “black hat SEO”. He will:

* Push negative ‘stories’ down the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results.

* Not use “black hat SEO” – a method with technical failings (Google has included in their algorithm the detection and penalising of “over spamming”)

* Works by convincing the Google algorithm to ‘weight’ negative content against content with relevance and authority.

* Uses a combination of search query analysis, on-page SEO, link building (local and niche and high PR), content creation and amplification, all with intention of outranking negative content as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

* An advanced and diverse link-building system to create safe, diverse, authority profile to establish a site high in search results and not only push negative content in SERP down the rankings, but persuade the algorithm to “discount” the negative content.

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