Want to know how to grow a care group from 1 to 5 homes, with 60 beds or more in each?

Want to know what you should be looking for when financing your growth to 10 homes or more for your care group?

Want to know how to promote the homes within your group to help with occupancy?

This episodes features Harnoop Atkar, chief executive of Oakland Care, which operates 3 luxury homes with another 2 due to be launched.

The episode reveals:

  • The importance of finding the right funding partner for your care group and why having shared values and ethos with your partner is key
  • How to choose the right area in the UK for a new care home
  • Why it’s important to own and operate homes that are geographically close to each other
  • What risks you need to consider, including unforeseen circumstances during planning and building phases
  • Why it can take up to four years from identifying an opportunity to opening a new care home
  • How continuity plans can prepare care operators for unknown factors such as Brexit
  • The vital role of your care home team in ensuring your home gets off to a good start
  • Setting milestones, such as breakeven point
  • How resident outcomes and person-centred care underpins everything
  • Why care operators must continually have feedback loops both internally and with key external partners
  • How “mobile care monitoring” can help ensure staff spend maximum time time with residents
  • How marketing and PR can help differentiate your care homes from competitors
  • How “good news stories” about your care home in the local media can help increase enquiry levels, and improve the way the sector is seen from the outside
  • What Brexit means for staffing for care operators
  • Staff retention
  • Why care providers should talk and communicate with each other more through, for example, groups such as Care England and The Care Workers Charity

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