Does your residential care operator need more care and nursing staff NOW!?

Perhaps you’re getting knocked by self-isolation and staff off sick during this dreadful Covid-19 period?

It’s a sorry situation.

But at the same time thousands of staff from other sectors are being laid off.

Truth is – you need many of them to work for you.

Moreover, some have all the terrific skills you need. (One care operator we spoke with yesterday just recruited a magician as a new carer!!)

The important question is where is everyone right now?

Answer: on their phone flicking through their social media timelines.

And the reality is you can get dozens if not HUNDREDS of potential new care, housekeeping and kitchen staff super-fast by using….


In fact, you can quickly build up a waiting list of staff.

So, to help you we’re a FREE Zoom Discovery session on…..

👊 How Facebook Ads Can Quickly Find You Care And Nursing Staff For Your Care Operator 👊

During this 45min FREE tutorial on ▶️ Monday April 6 at 2pm ▶️ you’ll learn:

✅ How to get started with Facebook ads to recruit care and nursing staff

✅ The best-performing ads.

✅ How “Facebook lead ad forms” work

✅ The magic of Facebook Messenger

✅ What can be automated – and what should not

✅ How to integrate your CRM system?

✅ Results to expect.


👉 Numbers are limited + this Discovery is only for care operator owners or senior managers.

So if you’d like to receive a personal invite to attend, respond respond ‘yes’ to this email.

👉 N.B. This free Discovery is STRICTLY for those GENUINELY wanting to learn how Facebook ads can dramatically help you recruit care and nursing staff.

Please do not request an invite if this does not apply to you 🙌

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▶️ Monday April 6 at 2pm ▶️

Respond ‘yes’ to if you’d like to apply for an invitation.

P.S. A care provider using Facebook Ads is paying just £1.12 for a care job-seeker to supply their name, email address and telephone number.

P.P.S. If you want to recruit FAST you do not want to miss this Facebook Ads Discovery for care operators. Numbers strictly limited.

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