You love getting regular enquiries to your care and nursing homes, right?

It’s the glorious end-product of running homes that have terrific care while also systematically ensuring prospective families “notice” you.

To this end, I urge you to read my latest article in Care Management Matters magazine (it’s online only now because of Covid).

In it, I argue every one single care or nursing home should be securing at least 10 pieces of positive media exposure every 12 months.

Care operators can harness the power of a sympathetic regional media as never before to help win back public confidence after the initial shock of COVID-19 and the stream of negative national media headlines.

The media has never been so recipient and open to receiving positive news stories from care providers.

In the article I argue:

  • Every good care provider right now is a treasure trove of potential positive and heart-warming ‘stories’ of care.
  • If a minimum of a quarter (4,250) of the UK’s 17,000 homes secured at least 10 pieces of positive local media exposure per year that equates to 42,500 positive care home stories in the media per year.This would have colossal public impact.
  • For care operators, local media should be a priority because this is the media most able to reach prospective clients, families and stakeholders.
  • 1 local newspaper can still have a huge reach, being read by tens of thousands of people.  Moreover, their associated websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds mean opportunities for people to find and read your story increases threefold.
  • Local BBC radio stations and TV news  – again with viewing and listening figures of tens of thousands – can also be an ideal media vehicles for raising awareness of your service and the good news within it

Read the article in full:

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