Care Homes Are NOT Special

Care operators may think they’re different

“Enquiries and referrals come to us because families who know us recommend us…”


But every moderately successful business gets referrals from clients

But what if you want MORE enquiries particularly from self-funding families?

How do you achieve this?

What’s the most effective way To amplify your “word-of-mouth reputation”

To prospective families who do NOT already know about you.

Nor do they know anything about your quality of care

How should you be using…?

🤩 Facebook ads and boosts
🤩 Regular press coverage
Lead magnets
🤩 Awards
🤩 video
🤩 e-shot engagement
🤩 radio ads
🤩 strategic partnerships
🤩 websites,
🤩 website call to actions;
🤩 google ads
🤩 facebook “accelerated engagement’ to increase occupancy?

That’s when you need a strategy

To deliver you xx more enquiries than you get already

It continues to be massively hard for the care sector

But with the vaccine 2021 looks more rosy

So make sure that for 2021 you have a PR/marketing strategy

You’re no different.

Special? Yes!

But different? No

Have you your 2021 PR/marketing strategy in place?

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