What’s the 1 way to get guaranteed leads from prospective families to your care homes within 8.5 hours?

Facebook Ads!

✳️ 1 hour to set up, including domain verification and adding credit card details

✳️ 3 hours to write copy, source photos and set up Facebook lead forms.

✳️ 2 hours to use the Facebook dashboard to configure ads including choosing target audience, age, demographics, and setting budget.

✳️ 6 hours waiting for Facebook to approve your ads

✳️ then 2.5 hours to get leads (if you’ve done it right!)

= 8.5 hours in total (I’ve conveniently subtracted the 6-hour wait)

But, the essential ingredient with Facebook Ads is to hit the right audience with the right message to get enough good quality leads (i.e. families genuinely looking for – or thinking of – care for their loved ones – whether respite or full-time residential care).

And that’s down to how you write your ads.

You should be aiming for at least 20% of Facebook leads to GENUINELY have an interest in your home.

And VITALLY you need the time to email, phone and text them to warm up those lead and help convert them into a resident.

Whether that be in 30 days or 30 weeks.

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