“We’ve never had so many enquiries,” said Karen Miller, CEO of Broughton House Veteran Care Village.

Broughton House Veteran Care Village care home in Salford was urgently wanting to increase enquiries and admissions, and so approached Springup PR.

Broughton House, with an excellent reputation and quality of care, has a capacity of 65, and occupancy was at 35.

But aside from having online directory listings, the home had never previously pursued digital marketing initiatives to attract more enquiries.

The home, a charity and care home for those who have served their country and their families, was averaging 10 enquiries a month from self-funding families.

Plus the home had intense competition from other homes in the area, and wanted to move away from an over-reliance on local authority referrals,

After a Diagnostics, Springup PR and Broughton House, decided to embark on a 4-pronged digital marketing campaign consisting of:

i) Google Pay Per Click Ad campaigns to drive traffic to website from families proactively searching for care home and related care/dementia services in and around Broughton’s catchment areas, and to increase inbound telephone enquiries and “live chats”.

ii) Dozens of different Facebook Ads – and rigorous follow up via phone and email of leads gains to qualify prospective families.

iii) Highly visible website Live Chat

iv) Systematic recording of all in-coming telephone calls

The digital marketing campaign’s focus was on self-funding families and wider military families in Greater Manchester and Salford catchment areas.

Broughton House also has a quick-response customer relationship team, and ongoing positive media exposure and PR.

What were the results over 6 months?

* Enquiries:

Increased > 300%
Month 1 – 32; Month 2 25; Month 3 – 25; Month 4 – 26; Month 5 – 28; Month 5 – 28; Month 6 – 30

* Occupancy:

– occupancy increased 47% from 35 to 50
– prospective annual revenue gain =  £900,000
– healthy pipeline of future potential admissions

Admissions via Facebook
– 4

Admissions via Google
– 12

Ad Spend To Acquire New Resident
– £778

What did Broughton House think?

“We have never had so many enquiries, and Springup PR’s campaign has been a real success, and an entirely positive experience,” said Broughton House Veteran Care  Village’s CEO Karen Miller.

“We just would not have got to where we needed to without their support.

What’s more, their team has made it as resource-light for us as possible.

We would definitely recommend Springup PR to other care providers who want to use a digital marketing strategy to get more enquiries.”