A $400m US global mobility solutions and digital transformation firm wanted to position its C-suite execs, including its CEO and founder, as thought-leaders in Tier-1 media read by its target audience.

Plus, it wanted help in positioning its C-suite execs, particularly its CEO and founder, as experts in “creating digital businesses” and to provide high-authority media content for the international company’s sales team to distribute to prospects.

So, what we did was:

– Use our ‘media insider methods’ to embark on a kick-off campaign of pitching expert-opinion and thought-leadership articles by the firm’s CEO to editors on target media, including Forbes magazine and Entrepreneur magazine, and key industry-specific media for retailers, the US federal government and HR/recruitment.

What We Achieved:

– Within 30 days secured prestigious positions for the firm’s CEO and founder to be a regular contributor/columnist to both Forbes (via the Forbes Technology Council) and Entrepreneur.com – and positioned him to be a regular contributor to target Tier 1 media outlets, including Government Computer News and Retail Touchpoints.

The CEO became a columnist for Forbes – as well as Entrepreneur.com

How We Did It (In a nutshell):

– When pitching to media outlets of the editorial calibre of Forbes and Entrepreneur your razor-focused pitches must be irresistible and unique. Avoid all these “dumbo mistakes”!

Full results:

  • 4 x full-length Forbes thought-leadership articles for the company CEO
  • 2 x full-length Entrepreneur.com thought-leadership articles for the company CEO
  • Other 800-word thought-leadership articles in Retail Touchpoints, Government Computer News, and The Global Recruiter, for the CEO and other C-suite executives.