Start up ethical cotton bedding company Nour Luxury approached us for some “kick off” media exposure in order to start building awareness and – ultimately – help secure more sales.

We loved the company’s product range and background story to Nour’s founder Nimra Pervez.

We offered them a 3-month “Guaranteed PR Results” package – particularly when discovering (using media insider methods) that their sheets were – arguably – the “World’s Most Ethical Sheets Anyone Could Sleep On”. This was because consumers could trace back to the exact cooperative farm in India that the Fair Trade cotton was picked.

Indeed, with such a thumping angle, we contacted journalists on target media with the pitch of: “Are these the world’s most ethical sheets you could buy?”

Media coverage secured for Nour Luxury during “Guaranteed Results” campaign

We were also all set to post target journalists a home-made bouquet (of some variety!) of the raw cotton. But coverage came in thick and fast ahead of us pursuing this pitch.

PR Results:

(i) 7 pieces of coverage in target media within 3 months including Daily Express and key ethical media titles. Moreover, Home Magazine, The Financial Times and Daily Telegraph planned to feature the company in future issues (ours was a 3-month time-limited kick off campaign)

(ii) Total circulation via print media = 380,600

(iii) Total site visitors to online media secured = >68m (monthly unique users)