How can ANY ONE of your care homes get a full page of regional press exposure like this?

1. Write the story “on a plate” to your target journalists so they don’t even have to call you back to get more details

2. Secure a top-notch crop of eye-catching photos that in themselves “tell the story”

3. Feature the story of residents where possible [with permission of course]

P.S. >90% of the time residents and their families are delighted to be featured in the news.

4. In the headline of the story you pitch include the hard-hitting quote of a resident or your manager/other member of staff e.g. “So Much Joy” as in the photo.

It helps with stand-out headlines, as in the photo.

5. Emphasise the public/health interest. This particular story is about physical and mental interventions for people with dementia. And dementia is of huge public health concern.

6. Target individual journalists, not generic email addresses.

7. Follow up with journalists after you’ve made your pitch because glitches/abnomalies can mean they do not receive it first time round.

#1 Added tip: If your wanting to build up relationships with your local authority commissioners/social workers print out a copy of the article and send it to them via landmail with a note. Then you’re guaranteed they will notice it!

#2 Added tip: If you want to know who your best freelance editorial photographer is in your area, call your local paper and ask them!

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