This video below discusses:

🙌 What would prospective families want to know and read/watch?

Is it that their loved ones would be protected and safe, and are receiving quality care within the confinements of Covid?

If so, positive stories in the local media is how this can be communicated to thousand of people within your regions.

🙌 How care providers can use examples of leadership and good care to secure positive press stories.

🙌 Local media, including TV and radio, are curious to know what care and nursing homes are doing during the Covid-19 outbreak.

This opens up opportunities for care providers to showcase their expertise.

🙌 How positive media exposure can help build trust in your care homes during Corona, and “amplify” the message of your quality care

🙌 Positive media exposure can be a way to celebrate your staff, and to show appreciation of them during the testing and stressful period of Covid

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