This episode of the Care Home PR And Marketing podcast features Alfie Jones of Cahoot Marketing when we discuss everything you need to know about SEO for care operators and how you can improve your Google rankings.

We discuss:

  • What SEO is, and the basics of technical, on-site and off-site SEO for care operators.
  • What the difference is between organic results and paid Google Ads (and why Google Ads can be a quick win)
  • How to choose the best keywords for your care operator – how specific should you get?
  • Why you should spend time researching keywords and what tools you can use
  • How to talk to your web developers about the importance of SEO
  • Tips to produce an ideal website page with the right word count and keyword usage
  • How to improve your website’s authority, including listing your care provider on directories and securing editorial coverage
  • The amount of time you should expect to secure results

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