Do you want to know how to use Facebook to reach record-breaking audiences for your care home?

Do you want to discover how creative Facebook campaigns can ensure your care home Facebook page is “on fire”, and so go far beyond everyday Facebook activity for your care home?

This podcast episode reveals:

  • How one care home Facebook Christmas “Accelerated Engagement” campaign reached 20,000 people organically within one week
  • How the campaign showcased care at the home through a daily series of “Care-lander” “windows”.
  • How supporting a local care charity propelled engagement, and so solidified a key stakeholder relationship for the care home
  • how 84% of people reached during this campaign were non-fans of the care home’s Facebook page – so a new audience was reached
  • How there were 357 shares of posts during the week of the campaign.
  • How one post featuring a staff reached 4,000 people with 53 likes, 11 loves and 43 shares.
  • How similar Facebook “accelerated engagement” campaigns you can use for your care home
  • Why it’s important to set objectives for such campaigns.