This video below is a recording from an exclusive Springup PR webinar on How To Get Ongoing Positive PR For Your Care Homes (Even If You Don’t Think You’ve Good Enough Stories)

✅ Do you want “to get the word out there” about your quality of care to help generate more enquiries or recruit more staff?

✅ Are you frustrated that you’re not securing enough positive press coverage to showcase your care homes or services to your target audiences e.g. prospective families?

On this video you’ll learn:

* How to craft news stories and pitch to the media that will guarantee you on-going press coverage.

* How to find stories even when you don’t think you have good enough stories to pitch!

* How often any one of your care services can secure positive PR

* How to write a news release

* How to pitch to journalists

* How to follow up with journalists

PLUS: We give you “peeps” into dozens of real-life care home news releases that have guaranteed media coverage.

Watch until the end!

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