Discover how can you GUARANTEE regional press coverage for any one of your care homes.


Here’s how.

In 7 easy steps.

1) Find a hard-hitting story

It’s NOT true that your care homes do not have a story right NOW that will get you coverage

The story could revolve around:

* A long-service staff member (especially valuable right now if you want to use showcase carer stories to help with recruitment)

* Launch of a new dementia service

* Positive intervention for a resident

* How you embed reminiscence therapies into your homes

* How music helps residents sparkle

* An innovation you’ve brought into your home

* A new registered manager

* A good CQC report

The list is pretty much endless!

(Email me if you want more ideas)

2) Write the 250 to 300 word ‘story’ in  the body of an email

3) Include a hard-hitting headline in the subject line of that email

4) Attach 3 to 4 good quality photos that tell the story

5) Get the INDIVIDUAL email addresses of all relevant journalists

6) Send the email (obviously 😉)

7) Follow up

There’s so many reasons why journalists fail to get your email.

So follow up.

And pick up the phone.

Follow this simple 7-step process, and you’ll secure ongoing press coverage to showcase any one of your homes to your local target audiences


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