This episode of the Care Home PR And Marketing Podcast features Dion Meechan, operations director of Barrowhill Hall nursing home in Staffordshire.

With a property development background he discusses how his company launched a nursing home from scratch eight years ago and after some pitfalls now feels offers “some of the best care you can get.”

During the episode Dion discusses:

  • The nerve-wracking pitfalls he experienced on launching a new nursing home – and what he has learnt.
  • How Barrowhill Hall pioneered social media to promote the home, as well as other PR and marketing initiatives.
  • Why some care operators “just don’t get” the vital role of PR and digital media to promote the home to local audiences and stakeholders.
  • The importance of keeping up to date with care innovations
  • Why the location of a care or nursing home is key
  • Why staff recruitment problems are only going to get worse – and how to mitigate against them.
  • How to create a successful care home team culture, including instigating an employee of the month scheme – and aspiring to create a working environment which is “better than a barbecue at the beach”
  • Why if a care home is as nice as a resident’s home then the decision to become a resident is easier – “It’s an upgrade, not a downgrade,” says Dion.
  • What KPIs operators must focus on
  • Why it’s important to understand social care funding “like your life depends on it”
  • How a “slush fund”can mitigate for when a residents care is not paid for – perhaps for up to 12 months or more.
  • Why operators should use Twitter to learn about residential care provision from across the world – including America, Brazil, Japan, India, China and Sweden.

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