Want to know how to use content marketing for your care homes in order to have a superior online presence to competitor homes?

Want to get ranked number one on google for particular key word searches that prospective families might make when searching for a care home for their loved one?

Want to know how PR can propel your care home content marketing strategy?

Want to know what you have to include on your care homes’ websites to improve its SEO and rankings on google?

This episodes features Ciaran Connolly of content marketing company Profile Tree, and reveals:

  • How content marketing and SEO can help get your care home more enquiries from prospective families
  • How to analyse your care home website’s speed and make it faster and how often people search online under important key words or phrases such as ‘care homes in xxxx, ‘care homes near me’, ‘dementia care specialist’ and ‘residential care’
  • Why content is particularly vital for your care home website’s home page
  • What content your care home website should include, and why you should describe your particular specialisms e.g. dementia care
  • The perils of your care home website pages being too “light” on relevant content e.g. words or photos
  • Why your care home website must convey confidence to a prospective family member
  • What to include on your care home website so prospective families will be enticed to contact you
  • Why it’s important to include pictures and profiles of staff on your website
  • How you can find out – for free – how many people search online under keywords, and how much it would cost you to advertise on google for that key word or phrase
  • What keywords you should start to think about for your care home if you want to improve SEO, and how many words should be on each page of your website
  • How having dedicated page on your care home website for particular keywords or phrases, such as ‘care homes [your town/region], can propel your online presence.
  • How to secure even better SEO results than the carehome.co.uk directory.
  • Why your care homes must be hyper attentive to benefits of Google Maps an Google Reviews
  • Why PR for your care homes can have an “incredible” impact on SEO, and why online exposure can propels your SEO results.
  • The importance of video to convey what’s special about your care homes and to build trust.
  • How PR and online exposure can work hand-in-hand with content marketing for your care homes

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