Watch this recording from an exclusive Springup PR webinar, if……

You are desperate to recruit more carers – but are fed up with rubbish job boards and vulture-like recruitment agencies?

You are wanting to find new ways of getting a STEADY stream of possible new care workers?

On this recording of a webinar hosted by Adam James you will learn:

  •  Why you MUST be recruiting on Tik Tok NOW – and not delay for 3 months.
  •  What you need to do to start recruiting carers on Tik Tok.
  •  Examples of what other care providers are doing on Tik Tok.
  •  What results and “cost per lead” you should expect to get from Tik Tok.
  •  What will be the quality of care worker leads you get on Tik Tok be like.
  •  Why you must do a 14-Step CRAZY follow up to successfully recruit care workers via Tik Tok All in 30 minutes!

Watch till the end!!

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