This episode of the Care Home PR And Marketing Podcast features Neil Eastwood author of Saving Social Care and founder of Care Friends, an employee referral app for social care employers.

Neil reveals top real-life workable tips to care providers on how to resolve the four biggest care operator recruitment nightmares:

  • The interview no-show
  • A general lack of candidates
  • A lack of quality candidates
  • Retention

Plus how and why PR and marketing initiatives are vital to build the reputation of your home to attract high-quality job-seekers and applicants.

The episode looks at:

  • How to decrease your “no-show” rate – which can be around 50%. And how you can build in “personal connection” with applicants by offering them job interview times that work for them – to help with a 10% improvement in showing up
  • Using text to nudge applicants to turn up to interviews
  • The importance of diversifying recruitment sources
  • The true financial recruitment cost
  • Why you MUST use internet job boards LESS.
  • “De-stress” language when communicating with applicants
  • Why employee referrals and word of mouth are the vital drivers of at least 50% of high-performing staff. So, pump up your employee referral scheme and build your homes reputation.
  • Using Facebook for recruiting.
  • How PR and marketing to promote the reputation of your homes helps creating stronger awareness and brand association for your homes.
  • How to attract retirees and older people and more men as staff* Get Free Video On 7 PR and Marketing Things You Must Do To Fill Your Care Or Nursing Home Beds Faster

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