How should you best respond if the regional or national media come knocking to write negative articles about your care homes?

Has your reputation been stung by bad media or online coverage of a poor CQC report?

Then learn:

How To Respond (And How Not To Respond) If The Press Write SxxT Things About Your Care Homes!

On this exclusive webinar recording where you’ll learn:

💥 What’s the first thing you must do -and what not to do – when journalists come knocking at your door with a negative story about your care home(s)

💥 The beauty of a “holding statement” (and what exactly is a holding statement)

💥 What not to include in holding statements

💥 Why you should not do live interviews straight off the bat

💥 How to befriend a hostile journalist – and why you should (almost) never be defensive

💥 Why you should take every journalist enquiry on its merits

💥 What you must be crystal clear in your dealings with journalists – and the sacrosanct nature of deadlines

💥 The best chances of “killing” a bad news story about your care homes

💥 How to challenge journalists after they’ve written a negative story

This webinar features real-life examples!

All in 30 minutes!

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