Want to showcase to tens of thousands of people how your care and nursing homes have – despite the odds – successfully tried to protect staff and residents against coronavirus?

EVEN when you may have had incidents and deaths from Covid 19.

Do you want to ensure you “get the word out there” about how you have worked hard to protect residents from infection?

And to get your local media to write positively about your admission policies, your investment in PPE and rigorous infection control procedures?

Do you want the media to celebrate everything your homes have done during Covid?

To achieve this, you must:

✅ Write a carefully-crafted news release, ensuring the tone is “bang on”.

✅ Use the words: “We are presently Covid-free”, never “We are Covid-free”.

✅ Be nuanced and truthful when you speak with the media.

✅ Remember that, generally (and despite what you may think), your regional media is eager to hear about the positive news from your homes during this Covid period.

✅ Include eye-catching photos.

Do this and you’ll end up with spectacular press coverage such as this for a nursing home provider……

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