Want to discover how your care home’s good news story can reach more than 8,000 local people on Facebook for just £37.50?

Want to discover the most effective way to promote your care home’s quality of care on Facebook – and encourage engagement?

This episode, featuring Springup PR’s Adam James, shows:

  • How you re-model your news release used for local media as a separate stand-alone Facebook post
  • How using Facebook boosts can reach big numbers of local people at a very low cost
  • A real-life example featuring the story of a care home resident’s 100th birthday party that was featured in local media and the story was optimised for Facebook – and reached more than 8,000 people for just £37.50
  • Why you have to think differently when promoting your care homes via Facebook, as opposed to traditional media
  • How using catchy Facebook post headlines, emoticons and strong photos makes a difference – and why
  • What are the ideal audience you should promote your care homes to using Facebook boosts

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