This episode of the Care Home PR And Marketing podcast features York Woodford-Smith of Five On A Bike Video which has filmed more than 50 interviews with residents of care homes, and more than hundred interviews with care home staff.

Particularly video tours of homes, and case study/testimonial videos.

In this episode we cover:

  • What makes a good resident case study video
  • How putting a video on your care operator website will double time people spend on your site.
  • How during Covid video can help communicate a message about your safety procedures.
  • How to create a care home video tour, an emotive testimonial video, and a staff video.
  • When to use your smartphone for video production, and when to turn to professional video production.
  • What to be careful of (such as spinach in your teeth!) when producing video.
  • How to use video for Facebook, and why you should caption your videos.
  • How video on your care home Facebook page increases the number of people you reach, why you must capture people’s attention within the first seconds, and why you should remember to use Facebook pixels.
  • How Facebook videos can double the click-through-rate to your care home website.
  • How long should your videos be? 1 minute or 10 minutes?

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