Getting the contact details of a prospective family member searching for a care home for their loved one BEFORE they have even get in touch with you would be immensely valuable, right?

Any one resident is – in revenue terms (crude, I know sorry – but I’ve a video on this!) – anything from £20,000 – £50,000+?

And if you want to fill beds faster and increase revenue faster would you want to use every little marketing trick in the handbook to get their contact details?

If so, here’s a couple of website tweaks you can implement.

Let’s imagine a prospective family member is on your website.

Use every little marketing trick in the handbook to get contact details of private pays for your care home

How can you get their contact details before they leave and go onto the website of another care home?

Let’s remember the decision-making process of a prospective family member – particularly a private pay.

When they’re choosing a care home this will almost certainly involve checking out your care home’s website, and perhaps downloading a brochure.

They will probably do all of this BEFORE even picking up the phone to arrange a visit or sending an enquiry email.

Here’s when it’s useful to think of the psychology of that prospective family member.

They’re seeking for suitable residential or nursing care for their loved one.

They’ve many questions. “What care home is best suited for my mum or dad?  How much will it cost?” for example.

Well, your care home can help that family member right there right then when they are at your website by providing a free authoritative pdf guide on, for example, “Everything You Need To Know About Choosing A Care Home And How To Pay For it”

This free guide will provide essential information and guidance, and so position your care home as a “trusted expert”.

There’s every chance a prospective family member will provide their name, email address and even mobile phone number to source such a useful guide.

The beauty is you would have got that family member’s contact details when otherwise they perhaps would have left your website only for you to never hear from them again.

But now you are able to politely get in touch with them with an email such as: “Dear [name of prospective family member]. Thank you for downloading our guide. Can I help you in any way? etc….”

Secondly, there is some nifty software available – one is called OptinMonster – which can track visitors to your website and “know” when s/he is about to leave your site.

This software can automate a tailor-made pop-up message for that prospective family member which could read something like: “Before you go, would you like our free guide on everything you need to know about choosing a care home?”

You are giving a last millisecond nudge for that prospective family member to download your guide before they leave your site and – in effect – disappear into thin air.

And you’d never want a potential £20,000 – £50,000+ disappearing into thin air, right?

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