Do you want ongoing positive media exposure for your care home in order to raise its profile and get more enquiries?

Do you want to know how to source regular positive stories within your home, even when you don’t think you have enough of such stories?

Do you want to write up news releases for your care home that guarantee coverage every time?

This podcast episode feature’s Springup PR’s own Lisa Pettifer, a former BBC journalist, who is an expert in securing care home positive media exposure on an ongoing basis.

In this episode you will discover everything you need to know about securing ongoing positive media exposure for your care home, including:

  • Why a “nose for a story” makes such a massive difference when securing regular, ongoing positive media exposure for care homes, as is knowing what makes journalists “bite” at a story you pitch
  • Why care home activity managers can be a treasure trove of good news stories journalists will love
  • How resident ‘stories’ – particularly those with heart-warming ‘human interest’ angle – will get your care home a stream of positive media coverage.
  • What events at your home catch the eye of local journalists e.g. those showcasing good standards of care or personalisation.
  • How to draft up news releases for your care home that get results each and every time
  • How to make it easier for journalists to cover your care home story
  • Why care home stories are, indeed, LOVED by regional journalists
  • Who best to quote in your news releases
  • Why quality photographs can make or break a story.
  • How to track down the contact details of journalists, including local BBC and ITV regional broadcast journalists
  • How exactly your care home should pitch its stories to the media – via email or phone, for example
  • The importance of the email subject line in email pitches
  • How vital it is to follow up with journalists
  • Why every care home should aim for one piece of positive media exposure per month, and should aim to secure positive coverage on the local BBC or ITV news
  • Examples of how media exposure directly can lead to more enquiries for your care home