Three key factors are required to secure your business or organisation positive portrayal on television news with an audience reach of millions.

1) Your business has a good a story to tell

2) You have someone who can identify your business’s story to tell the media

3) Someone knows how to pitch/sell-in your story to broadcasters.

Of these three factors, the first requires no PR expert. But the other two do. And without all three factors, you’re unlikely to win the TV coverage you seek.

Recently, we got one of our long-term clients coverage on both BBC and ITV regional television (as well as BBC radio and stacks of printed press and digital media). Total audience reach was 3.2million.

Here is how the PR project unfolded.

1. Client advised us of an important event in Scotland for which it wanted promotion and media coverage.

2. The event was a genuinely good story, with strong public interest. Nevertheless, we had to completely re-write the draft press release produced by the client, to give it the cracking news angle it deserved.

3. We then made certain we distributed the press release to the right BBC and ITV journalists in Scotland.

4. Within a few hours both BBC and ITV broadcasters were on the phone to us, asking for assistance, and to source interviewees. This, of course, we did efficiently and quickly.

5.The result? Our client gets coverage on 6pm TV news bulletins, and on two consecutive days.

Job done. And a happy client.

As for us, we’re busy working with the client on their next media pitch.

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