So how can a unique Power-Packed PR For Care Homes system promote your quality of care to local audiences, particularly private pay families, in order to secure more enquiries and increase occupancy faster?

With just 6 Power-Packed PR For Care Homes deliverables per year you can reach at least between 60,000 and 120,000 people to promote any one home per year.

Would you like to discover this system whereby for ANY ONE particular “good news” story about your home, you can:

(i) secure positive regional media exposure – that’s journalists writing positively about your care home or care homes.

(ii) Tweak that same “story” as a separate Facebook post to secure huge online engagement – and reach thousands of local people to your homes, as opposed to a few dozen or hundreds?

This is Power-Packed PR For Care Homes.

I urge you to watch this video because it reveals a real-life example of how this Power-Packed PR For Care Homes works.

Put this system into place and you’ll be promoting your home to between 80,000 and 120,000 people per year using just 6 good news stories for any one of your care homes

The video reveals the following processes and “must-dos” for Power-Packed PR For Care Homes.

  1. Your good news story is first written up as a hard-hitting news/press release.
  2. The example the video provides is of a story that probably happens in many of your care homes– a resident celebrating her 100th, and how staff supported her.
  3. Why you must write your new story/news release “on a plate” for journalists.In our real-life example it includes full details about how the home supported this particular resident, called Betty, as she celebrated her 100th.
  4. Why it is so more impactful to get the full “back story” of the resident(s) featured in your story.So, for Betty, it included her family life, when she moved to the area, the work she did, who she married and – in her case – her love for fashion.
  5. Provide quotes from, for example, your care home manager, and ideally from any. featured residents who, 90% of the time, will be delighted to be involved in such media stories.
  6. Put a thumping-good headline on your news release!It’s vital to catch the attention of journalists you’re pitching to.
  7. Get a super crop of editorial photos to bring the story to life.The 100th birthday part story featured in the video secured a full page splash in the local paper.Why was this?Because the above process for securing media exposure was followed.
  8. The second element of Power-Packed PR For Care Homes, is to tweak your exact same story/news release as a separate Facebook post to secure maximum engagement with local audiences, in the form of comments, likes and share.
  9. Again, the video outlines why Facebook is different to pitching to journalists.When pitching a story to journalists the aim is to encourage them to cover your story.But for Facebook, which is a platform of friends sharing with friends, your aim is to encourage engagement.
  10. “Want to know the secret to a long life?”. That was the headline we put on the Facebook post.It’s a headline to capture people’s attention.Everyone wants to know the secret to a long life, right?
  11. The rest of the post details how fashion fan Betty said her secret was to “everything in moderation, except for clothes shopping”.It’s a subtle – but vital – difference here between pitching a story to journalists and using that exact same story as a Facebook post.And the rest of this post covers details we have already about how Betty was supported at the care home during her birthday – and details about her backstory.
  12. Use emoticons – research shows they increase engagement.

    What were the results?

What were the numbers for this one post for a Facebook page which then had around 200 likes/followers?

Results: 9,000 people reached, 1458 engagements, and 33 comments, many congratulating Betty on her birthday.

So, this single Power-Packed Care Home PR initiative reached 9,000 people on Facebook, and around 5000 for the news story published in the paper.

So around about 14,000 local people through one deliverable.

Six such initiatives (or “deliverables”) per year  = between 80,000 and 120,000 thousand people reach using this Power-Packed Care Home PR method.

Watch the video, and go implement!

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