1) The Problem

* Specialist neurological care provider PJ Care approached Springup PR as they needed to recruit 20 nurses across its two centres in Milton Keynes and one in Peterborough.

This was during a time of national shortage of nurses, and reliance on agency nurses was adding an extra £700,000 in agency costs per annum

2) PR, Awareness And Facebook Strategy

PJ Care’s recruitment team already had a 7-pronged  5-year nurse recruitment plan in place, broadly categorised under * Social Media * Advertising * Referrals from in-house current staff * Overseas * Events/conferences * Open Days

And Springup PR’s specific remit was to help “create desire” to be a PJ Care neurological nurse, using four key approaches:

  • PR ‘deliverables’ and media exposure to drive awareness of PJ Care’s neurological services in Milton Keynes and Peterbrough.
  • Facebook Ads And Video  – Use Facebook Ads and engaging video to create desire to be PJ Care neurological nurse
  • Use ‘accelerated engagement’ strategies on Facebook to increase awareness of PJ Care and strengthen its reputation, particularly among Milton Keynes and Peterborough where its target audiences and nurses are.

3) Summary Results Over 4 Months

* A total of names and email addresses of 152 potential nurses captured via a Facebook Ads video ‘leads magnet’

* 78 different Facebook ads to build relationships + interest in nursing vacancies

* Ads reached 354,934 ‘relevant’ audiences

* Facebook Ads also helped in recruitment drive of 78 new temp staff, many of whom were unaware of PJ Care

* PJ Care’s profile raised through repeated TV, radio, print, online coverage

* PJ Care’s chairman developed solid relationship with BBC regional TV

* Facebook posts (including ‘boosts’) reached > 222,700 people

* PJ Care’s Facebook page likes increased 32%

4) What PJ Care Said:

Kevin Miller , recruitment manager of PJ Care said: “The difference Springup PR has made in attracting nurses of the highest calibre is very clear.  We need to recruit the very best nurses, and working with Springup has enabled us to achieve this faster than we could have done otherwise.”

N.B. During the course of the campaign PJ Care was, like other care providers, effected by the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in April, 2020 and many of its staff were furloughed.

5) Take A Peep At Material Used In The PR Strategy …

Example Facebook Ads To Build Awareness of PJ Care And Recruit New Nurses


Ongoing positive media exposure for PJ Care to help build reputation as leading specialist care provider

Record-breaking Facebook engagement

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