Launching a new care home – or a new service – is a unique opportunity to generate PR that will both “get the message out there” and bring in referrals.

Here’s some ideas to think over. Trust us, they work.

1. Brain-storm PR! Just half an hour of thinking time can generate superb PR/marketing ideas, e.g combining your care home launch with a unique Linkedin competition to network with key stakeholders.

ITV coverage of opening of Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre

ITV coverage of opening of new care centre

2. Produce a hard-hitting news release to secure not only positive media coverage in regional newspapers, but also television coverage. TV coverage is quality PR for care homes. Not only can you upload the video on your Youtube channel, you can use the video as on-going marketing material.

3. After the launch, continue to produce news releases for regional media every month or two months.  If you have a “nose for a story” you WILL get on-going positive media coverage for your care home.

Accompany the news release with an eye-catching photograph. Regional media love good photos.

Remember, positive coverage on websites of regional newspapers is also SEO of the highest value.  Imagine a family searching for your care home on Google? What you want to jump out is positive news about your care home. This can effect their decision on where they want their loved ones to go.

Get all of this right, and the launch of your care home or new service can reach an audience of 100s of thousands!

Here’s one we’ve done – and which is now on the shortlist for a prestigious award!