Want a PR horror story? Here’s one…..

A leading laser eye surgery firm paid a PR agency many tens of thousands of pounds over 12 months with a brief to secure them national media exposure.

What were the results after 12 months? Zilch. Nought. Zero coverage.

Aaaaaaah! Just imagine how disappointed/furious this company was.

The truth is that national media exposure for laser eye surgery firms is gold dust – it can be a sales magnet leading to direct sales at £4k + per sale, as well as the media exposure providing substantial third-party endorsement.

In the UK, the Daily Mail covers laser eye surgery ‘stories’ most frequently, approximately six times per year, and The Daily Express sporadically covers such stories.

However, although stung by this negative experience, this ambitious Harley Street laser eye surgery firm called us up, eager to learn about our credentials and expertise.

As former journalists – and advocating our media insider methods – we convinced the company to invest in us, and our (proven) effectiveness.

We offered a Guaranteed PR Results package.

When we look to securing big media exposure for businesses, we dig for that hard-hitting ‘story’ as enthusiastically as a terrier digging for a bone.

Our probing uncovered that this firm was not only the only UK laser eye surgery with the “safest ever” (according to the medical director) cataract- removal technology but it had only ever been used for 10 UK patients.

We were confident we had a pretty strong national media pitch angle- ‘I’m using safest ever cataract removal technique in world”

The added bonus was that we had a celebrity as someone who was the first people in the UK to benefit from the cataract machine.

Now, I emphasise, that it was only through our probing, and journalist ‘eye for a story’ that we landed on this angle.

Many PR pros don’t have this vital asset – it can be a killer blow to them and who they’re working for.

Our results?

Within two weeks we’d secured a full-page piece in the Daily Express. You can read it here: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/602201/Cataracts-gone-eye-technology-sight

One delighted client, and testimony to the power of ‘media insider’ methods and one more Guaranteed PR Results notched up!

We’re still working with the client, Advanced Vision Care.

What’s the lesson? Please, double-please make sure you have a former hot-shot journalist with an ‘eye for a story’ on your PR team!

It’ll make all the difference, I promise.

Watch the video!