One of our clients described Springup PR as “a Yorkshire Terrier that turns into a pit bull”

That’s because we are determined, dedicated and persistent to achieve great results – usually top media coverage – for our clients.

One of our free PR tips is this – follow up, and then follow up.

Distributing a news or feature release is only the first step on one of Springup PR’s media pitches. It’s wonderful if a journalist or editor replies immediately. But often they don’t. Why? Usually it’s one of the following: (i) they are busy and have not got round to replying yet  (ii) they never received the pitch in the first place (iii) they are on holiday, or have been transferred to another department or (iv) they have moved to another job entirely

So, always follow up news and feature releases with a telephone call or email. I’ve lost count the number of times that we have achieved positive results for our clients after following up media pitches, and then taking further appropriate action, often no more than nudging them to run a piece. If we’d not followed up, we may never have got the result.

Springup PR’s approach is to persevere until we get responses or positive outcomes.  Just one of the reasons why we achieve big results for clients.