Want to know how to get guaranteed more care staff in 7 days without using recruitment agencies or job boards?!

Want to learn the secrets of a red hot recruitment system that other operators are NOT exploiting?

Want to be proactive in beating your care staff recruitment headache?

Then learn:

How To Get Guaranteed More Care Staff Within 7 Days Without Using Recruitment Agencies Or Job Boards

On this recording of our first-ever exclusive webinar where you will learn:

🔥 How to combine a PR, Facebook Ads, automated email and phone calling strategy to secure care home staff ready for an interview – without going anywhere near a job board or phone call with a recruitment agency!

🔥 What press coverage you must secure and Facebook “boosting” system you must use to ensure your care operator is noticed as an employer everyone wants to work for.

🔥 Why you must treat “lead” care staff applicants secured via Facebook as gold dust – and how to follow them up relentlessly.

🔥 Why you must call or email interested applicants up to 10 times or more if necessary. Let them know you’d love to have an initial chat with them! Then YOU decide if they are appropriate for an interview.

🔥 Why – and how – you must set up automated emails to applicants.

🔥 What Facebook Ad photos and copy work best.

This webinar featured real-life data from real-life care operators!

And I also highlighted the 3 vital steps:

1. PR/Awareness/Recognition – Be Noticed As A Great Employer. Use press coverage and Facebook to help achieve this

2. Use Facebook Ads PROPERLY

3. Follow up care worker “leads” RELENTLESSLY via phone and email

And it was handling questions at the end of a webinar which was most fun.

They included.

* Are carousel Facebook Ads effective?

* Is it best to use Facebook Lead Forms or a third-party landing page?

* How much should we be spending on Facebook Ads?

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Enjoy the video recording!