You gotta follow up Facebook leads like a maniac!!

That’s the #1 lesson we’ve learnt running Facebook Ads for care providers – whether recruiting care workers, or securing enquiries from self-funding families.

We used to leave the follow up of Facebook ad leads in the hands of care providers themselves.

Big mistake.


Because at best they did not follow up, or worst were not ruthless enough.

[By the way, this is not casting blame. This is just where it’s at]

And by “ruthless” I mean using email, phone, and text, and then using email, phone and text again…

….and again.

You’ve got be a little bit crazy…

For example, if you’re running Facebook ads for carers, the competition is so ridiculously MASSIVE [we know the reasons why] you have no choice but to follow leads up and proactively contact them yourself.

You follow them up until they say no.

That’s the only way to get Facebook ads for carers to work for you.

Posting up a lovely beautiful Facebook ad, for which you’ve sweated over to look enticing and to get you top click-through-rates, will not cut it.

Get on your mobile – and phone ’em and text ’em!

Same again for Facebook ads to find self-funding families who may be “thinking about the possibility” of a care home for their loved one.

🛑 Getting leads is not enough 🛑

Get on your mobile – and phone and text them to find out how you can help, and what their situation is.

And email them while you’re at it.

Oh yes…

Also phone them at different times of the day.

Someone who won’t answer at 10am will answer at 3pm.

Hey, weekends can work even better.

And get their email on your e-shot list [don’t tell me you’re not doing this]”

How crazy are you in the follow up?!

P.S. Photo done purely for effect – I am really only a gentle creature..😀

Kudos to Michael Rodger