Want more leads to help fill your care home beds?

Or want more home care client leads?

If so, one method is Facebook Ads!

They’re unique because they enable you to target people


✳️ age
✳️ sex
✳️ interests, and
✳️ locality (vital of course)

The difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads is with Facebook you want to “grab the attention” of prospective families – particularly self-funders – who are likely to be on the cusp of looking for care for their loved one rather than needing help right there and then.

So the role of your Facebook Ads must be to interrupt the attention of people while they’re on their mobile phone to get a reaction of:

“Oh yes…. my mum or dad may need a care home – or respite – or support at their home in the next few weeks/months/days”

Your Facebook Ad should prompt that person to provide their name, email address and phone number for you to contact them.

There are ways and means of getting this reaction….and

❌! watch out for a follow-up video on this !❌

But that’s the underlying mechanism of how Facebook Ads can get more leads for care operators.

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